Streaming Equipment Based on your Budget

  • Becoming a video streamer is going to be expensive. That’s because you will need to purchase numerous equipment to proceed with streaming content. To help you with deciding the best streaming equipment, we thought of sharing a price guide on how to buy the best streaming equipment. 

    Budget-Friendly Live Streaming Equipment

    If you want to try live video as a pastime or to make it simpler to connect with your coworkers, you may do it for close to nothing. Let's go through everything you'll need to get started live streaming on a budget.

    -    Camera
    Most likely, you already have everything you need to begin live streaming in your pocket. Yes, your smartphone may serve as all of your live streaming equipment. The majority of new-generation mobile devices come equipped with everything needed for live broadcasting. With each new phone release, the camera quality improves, and some high-end phones can now even compete with video cameras!
    It's worth noting that a mobile device will never match the quality of professional video cameras, but it'll enough for casual and daily streaming. We offer two device options for you if you don't currently have a phone to stream with or want to get one expressly for streaming!

    For a low price of $299, the Moto G7 is an outstanding budget phone for live streaming fans, with a superb 8 MP front camera and a 12 MP + 5 MP dual rear camera. It has a robust battery, and the phone itself is quite sturdy. The Moto G7 has an excellent video quality/price ratio, making it the finest budget phone for live streaming.

    The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is without a doubt the greatest phone for live streaming, as shown by its $1,199 price tag. This gadget is equipped with a long-lasting smart battery that allows for extensive streaming sessions and stunning camera quality. If you want to spend a little more money on a live streaming phone, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a great option.

    -    Microphone
    When streaming with a smartphone, your device already has an inbuilt microphone. This implies you won't have to pay anything! However, if you desire to improve your setup, getting an external mic is a great alternative. But don't worry, we'll get to it in the future part!

    -    Lighting
    What greater source of illumination is there than the sun? That's right: going all-natural is the ideal way to tackle lighting if you're looking for a low-cost streaming solution. When employing natural lighting, the most important thing to remember is to pay attention to your location. As good as the Sun might be for highlighting your stream's topics, if you don't film from a good perspective, it can also drown them out.
    Streaming equipment available at a medium price tag 

    Broadcasters that wish to invest in live video should look for high-quality live streaming equipment at a reasonable price. Fortunately, there are plenty acceptable solutions available. Let's take a look at some of the greatest!

    -    Camera
    A high-quality video camera is the finest thing you can spend in when it comes to enhancing your streaming setup. It's understandable if you're confused since there are hundreds of alternatives available at varied pricing. That's why we've done all of the legwork for you!
    The Panasonic Lumix GH5 is an amazing video camera with a 20.3 MP lens that assures high-quality footage. This bad boy can also handle 4K video at up to 60 frames per second, ensuring a great user experience at a low cost. The Panasonic Lumix GH5 also has two SD card slots, so you'll never run out of space. Because 4K HD-capable video cameras for as low as $1,299 are uncommon, this camera's quality/price ratio is exceptional.

    Upgrading your audio quality is another crucial step on your path to a more professional live broadcast. Users prefer streams with clear audio but poor video quality, rather than the other way around. People were more inclined to remain and watch a live broadcast with bad video quality than those with low audio quality, according to the research. What conclusions can we draw from this? You can't afford to scrimp on audio quality!

    Fortunately, there are a plethora of acceptable live streaming mics available at reasonable rates. But there is one that sticks out above the others.

    -    Microphone 
    Blue Yeti USB is a versatile multipattern microphone that may be used for a variety of broadcasts. This mic will come in handy whether you're streaming video games or hosting a corporate webinar since it doesn't need a mic stand or any cords to set up. But the greatest thing about the Blue Yeti USB is that it's reasonably priced! The price of this microphone is simply $129.

    -    Lighting
    Natural lighting is fantastic, but it is very reliant on the weather and time of day. That is why purchasing a lighting kit should be the next step in your streaming adventure. Having them on hand will provide you a lot of options in terms of streaming time and topic clarity. Here's what we think is a good beginner set!

    -    Lighting kit 
    The Neewer CN-216 LED lighting kit is ideal for small-scale streaming. This kit includes two adjustable tripod supports as well as several color filters for your LED lights (White, Red, Blue, and Yellow). This lighting kit is easy to use and set up, making it one of the finest options on the market for intermediate streamers. The Neewer CN-216 kit is just $41.99!

    -    Encoder
    You'll need an encoder whether you're broadcasting on your website or using a live streaming platform. These devices convert big RAW video files into a format that can be streamed online.

    But encoders can do more than that; they can also produce live broadcasts that are suited for various devices. Whether you're serious about live video or not, it's a massive no-no to ignore any element of your audience. As a result, it's critical to optimize your live broadcast for different bandwidths and device kinds.

    Beginners should go for a software encoder when it comes to choosing the finest encoder for live streaming. These encoders come in the form of live streaming software programs, so you can start broadcasting right away if your PC has a capture card. Choosing the best software encoder might be difficult with the plethora of live streaming tools available, but we've done our research and come to a conclusion.

    Streamlabs OBS is a fantastic open-source broadcasting program that runs on both Windows and Mac OS. This streaming program will handle all of your encoding requirements for free, as well as providing social widgets, filters, transitions, and overlays, among other things.
    Streaming equipment for a professional streamer .

    Now it's time to look at the best live streaming gear available! For professional broadcasters, we've selected some of the best gear the video business has to offer. Everything you'll need is right here!

    -    Camera
    We must admit that choosing the finest camera for live video streaming was difficult. Although there are some terrifyingly powerful equipment on the market that cost as much as $25,000, unless you're filming a Hollywood action film, you don't need to go that far. In light of the above, we've settled on a more practical technology that most professional broadcasters can employ. Whether you'll be broadcasting a live event for your business or just want to offer your viewers the greatest quality stream available, the camera below is ideal!

    The Panasonic AG-CX350 is a feature-rich 4K camera that is sure to wow professional streamers. This camera can record at 60 frames per second in UHD (3840 x 2160) and 120 frames per second in standard HD. The gadget has two SD card ports, which makes storage a breeze while also allowing for background, relay, and simultaneous recording.

    With 20x optical and 32x intelligent zooms, the Panasonic AG-XC350 is capable of long-distance filming. Long stream sessions won't be a problem because to the lithium-ion battery's ability to survive for hours even while actively recording. Finally, if you're streaming on the road, this camera has a convenient microphone holder, so you won't have to lug along a big tripod.

    -    Microphone
    We have to confess that selecting the finest microphone for live streaming was a lot simpler than selecting a camera. There were still a lot of gadgets to choose from, and many of them were excellent prospects. However, we had to choose one, so here is the winner.
    The Razer Seiren Elite is presently one of the finest live streaming mics available. This mic is small and has a removable base, so you can quickly remove it and insert it in the Panasonic AG-mic XC350's holder! This gadget also comes with a built-in foam windshield, making it very useful outside. The Razer Seiren Elite will serve you well wherever you chose to broadcast!

    -    Lighting
    There's not much more to say about upgrading your lighting setup to the next level. The only thing you should be concerned with is purchasing a complete, professional, and portable set with energy-saving lights. Here's a great kit to think about!

    Final words
    Now you are aware about the different streaming equipment that you can buy. It is up to you to take a look at your budget and go for the best streaming equipment. Regardless of your budget, we strongly encourage you to start using VDO Panel as your streaming panel. It can deliver all the assistance you need to take your streams to the next level.