• VDO Panel is a 100% stand-alone video streaming Control Panel, designed to function as a Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Server, or a Cloud Server. The VDO Panel supports installation on Centos 7 and Centos 8 servers. The VDO Panel is also compatible with cPanel Server.

    VDO Panel offers powerful features for video stream Hosting providers and individual Broadcasters. For Hosting providers, VDO Panel offers a stand-alone, mobile-responsive control panel that allows users to install all required features without needing to install other software. VDO Panel also offers a free NGINIX-RTMP server, which allows users to add RTMP and HLS streaming to a media server so that the stream will be tailored to device and network conditions for the best possible performance. Users can control everything from a single interface with centralized administration; they can register an account, monitor bandwidth, manage billing setup, modify system settings, and much more. Furthermore, VDO Panel provides a simple automation API for ease in interaction with other third-party software applications. If users struggle with the technical side, then they can receive free technical support as well.