Managing Resellers

  • VDO Panel lets a hosting provider create one or multiple reseller accounts. The reseller would be able to provide the VDO Panel streaming services to various broadcasters as required. This feature helps hosting providers to extend their business.

    As a hosting provider, you also have the rights to define viewers limit, maximum bitrate, Monthly allowed traffic, Streaming type, and many more for each reseller. As a hosting provider, you can also log in to any reseller account without any username or password. Similarly, you can also export the resellers list to your system in various available formats.

    VDO Panel lets you perform the following activities to manage the resellers:

    • Adding a Reseller
    • Viewing Resellers List
    • Viewing a Reseller’s Profile
    • Modifying a Reseller’s Profile
    • Suspending a Reseller’s Account
    • Deleting a Reseller’s Account
    • Logging In to Reseller’s Account
    • Exporting Resellers List
    • Printing Resellers List