Suspending a Reseller’s Account

  • VDO Panel lets Hosting provider suspend any Reseller’s account anytime if required. Once the account is suspended, the reseller will not be able to use VDO Panel streaming services. However if the Hosting provider unsuspend that account later on then the Reseller will be able to use VDO Panel streaming services.

    To suspend any Reseller’s account:

    1. From the Left Pane, click Resellers to expand it.
      The following sub-sections display.

      1. All Resellers

      2. Add new Reseller


    1. Click All Resellers.
      The list of the available Resellers displays.

    2. In the Resellers list, click for the reseller whose account you want to suspend.

      The Reseller’s account suspends. Once an account is suspended, the icon will be changed to for that Reseller.


    If you want to unsuspend a suspended account:

    1. Click for the suspended account.
      The account will be unsuspended and icon will be changed to .