Viewing Last Backup Status

  • You have the option to view the status and date when the last backup was taken.

    To view this information:

    1. From the Left Pane, click Backup and Transfer to expand it.
      The following sub-sections display:

      1. Backup Configuration

      2. Backup Scheduling Status

      3. Restore Backup

      4. Manually Backup

      5. Transfer Tool

    1. Click Backup Scheduling Status.
      The following information displays:

    The system displays the following backup status and date details for manual and remote backups:

    • Status: Displays the status of the last backup. For example, in the case of the successful backup, it displays “success”.

    • Ended at: Displays the date and time when the last backup was ended.

    Since: Display the time period since the last backup was taken. For example, if it displays 10 hours then it means that the last backup was taken 10 hours ago.