Transferring Broadcaster Accounts

  • You can migrate Broadcaster accounts from any other VDO Panel server to the current VDO Panel server. For example, your current VDO Panel Server is named as “VDO Panel 1” and there is another server named as “VDO Panel 2” then you can easily migrate the Broadcaster accounts from the VDO Panel 2 to the VDO panel 1.

    To do so:

    1. From the Left pane, click Backup and Transfer to expand it.
      The following sub-sections display:

      1. Backup Configuration

      2. Backup Scheduling Status

      3. Restore Backup

      4. Manually Backup

      5. Transfer Tool

    1. Click Transfer Tool.
      The parameters display for account(s) migration.


    2. Specify the following parameters:



    Remote Host

    Specify the name/address of the remote server from where the Broadcaster accounts will be migrated. The remote address should not include “http //”, “https //”, a trailing port, or path information.


    Specify the port number of the remote server.

    Remote User

    Specify the user name used to log in to the specified remote server.

    Remote Password

    Specify the valid password for the above specified remote user name.


    1. After specifying the above parameters, click Go to Remote Server.

      If you want to test the connection with the specified remote server, click Test Remote Server Connection before Go to Remote Server.


    Once the account migration process is completed, you can view the following statistics related to the last migration process:

    • Start Date: The date and time when the last account migration process was initiated.

    • Status: The status of the last migration.

    • Preview Progress and Log: Lets you view the log file related to the last account migration process.