Adding a Supervisor

  • VDO Panel lets you add one or multiple supervisors as required. 

    The procedure for adding a Reseller is as follows:

    1. From the Left Pane, click Supervisors to expand it.
      The following sub-sections display.

      1. All Supervisors

      2. Add new Supervisor

    1. Click Add New Supervisor.
      The parameters display to add a new supervisor.


    2. Specify the following parameters:




    Specify a username for the supervisor account. The username must be in alphanumeric format.


    Specify the Email address of the supervisor.


    Let's select a supported language for the supervisor’s account. You can select from any of the following languages for the supervisor’s account: English, Arabic, Czech, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Persian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Chinese, etc.


    Set a password for the supervisor’s account. The password must be in an alphanumeric format and it must contain at least 12 characters.

    Confirm Password

    Enter the above password again for confirmation purposes.

    After specifying the above parameters, click Create.
    The supervisor’s account creates based on the specified parameters. Once an account is created, you can view it in the Supervisors list.